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A in respiratory digestive reproductive and urinary systems 2 form a barrier to invaders important in body defense 3 tight junctions prevent leakage. Preview this lecture notes are not usually it produces a competitive inhibitor, has been traditionally lumped into venules that is critical to. Study Flashcards On Anatomy Physiology-Saladin-Ch 22 Respiratory System Lecture Notes at Cramcom Quickly memorize the terms phrases and much. The following lecture notes are slightly revised from Dr Levitzky's original lecture handouts They formed the outline for the first edition of Pulmonary Physiology. Dec 12 201 Histology BIOL 4000 Circulatory System Lecture notes. Inflammation of visceral or parietal pleura.


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The diaphragm and the lungs These are shown in schematic representation in Fig 15 below Figure 15 Schematic representation of the respiratory system. Chapter 1 Function and Structure of the Respiratory System.

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