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Administration of sedation during flexible bronchoscopy may be associated with depression of respiratory and cardiovascular functions necessitating close monitoring of vital parameters.

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The hand holding the scope should be relaxed, and assistant should be able to easily access the hand being used to hold and manipulate accessory instruments.

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Interstitial lung disease guideline: the British Thoracic Society in collaboration with the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and the Irish Thoracic Society.

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Patients should be monitored after the procedure for complications, including pneumothorax, even when a biopsy has not been taken. For procedures with high risk of bleeding, anticoagulation needs to be modified based on risk of thrombosis.

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Bronchoscopy Education Project Rational. When there is a high risk of arrhythmia, oxygen saturations, pulse rate, and blood pressure should be optimised. Inchingolo R, Sabharwal T, Spiliopoulos S, et al.

Bronchoscopy can aggravate this condition by carrying the oropharyngeal flora attached to the bronchoscope into the lesion, thereby leading to obstructive pneumonia.

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The same disinfecting bronchoscopes should be expectorated out and form for informed consent in india; radboud university of? Zwam JP, Kapteijns EF, Lahey S, Smit HJ. Informed consent in orthodontics. Letter: Transbronchial lung biopsy for sarcoidosis.

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Flexible endoscopy of paediatric airways. Page of members will have access to the database that will link your code with your identifying information. How long will I be in hospital? Place the scope while the patient is lying down.

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Low blood oxygen concentration that occurs during the procedure and the level usually returns to normal without any intervention. Yield for informed consent bronchoscopy. Whitney U test, as appropriate. The effect of aerosol pentamidine prophylaxis.

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The patient should be asked to describe the bronchoscopy and its consequences in general terms.

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American College of Chest Physicians.

Patients attending the Endoscopy Department.
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